Saltash Prominent People 1847

Prominent Saltash People 1847





A Market-town, in the parish of St. Stephens, and south division of east hundred, 42 miles N.W. from Plymouth; contained in 1841.  1,541 inhabitants, and was assessed to £2,473 in 1815, It is built on a steep rocky acclivity, rising from the banks of the Tamar, and was formerly called Ashbury. It is a place of considerable antiquity. There is a market every Saturday for provisions; quarterly great markets on Tuesday before each quarter day. On 25th July a fair for cattle; the two follow­ing days for pleasure; and February the 2nd for cattle; There has been a room built over the market-house for the use of the Magistrates, called Tamar-hall.

The living is a curacy to the vicarage of St. Stephens, value £45 in 1825, The village of St. Stephens, is about a mile west of the town; its church is a spacious fabric, with an high tower. A little to the west of this village the remains of Trematon Castle, occupying the summit of a high hill. It was once a place of considerable strength and consequence, having been one of the principal residences of the Earls of Cornwall.


Bennett, William Fore-street

Cater, Eliza, Sand Quays

Cook, John Henry, R.N. Fore-street

Dartot, Mrs. Hannah, Fore-street

 Hawkings, Nathaniel, Fore-street

Herring, Major Edmund, of the H E.I.C.S.

Hutchinson, Lieut. William, R.N. Gate House

Lytleton, Mrs. Mary, Prospect

Mack, Mrs. Marth, Fore-street

Martin, Capt. T.D. of the H.E.I.C.S. Middle-street

Palmer, Mrs. C.A. Fore-street

Pearn, Edward J.P. Com. R.N. Tamar-cottage

Pembridge, Samuel, Middle-street

Pickthorn, Miss Mary, Fore-street

Porter, Miss Maria E.G., Port-view

Raye, Mrs. Catherine, Fore-street

Sloggett, Miss Elizabeth, Victoria-cottage

Spiller, Mrs. Mary, Fore-street

Tucker, Capt. John Jarvis, R.N. Prospect

Willcocks, John, Port-view



Andrews, Peter, Beer-retailer, Tamar-street

Atwill, James, Gardener, Fore-street

Banks, Anthony Collings, Surgeon and Accoucher, Fore-street

Barraball, John, Butcher, Mount-care

Barraball, Thomas, Butcher, Fore-street        

Billing, William, Beer retailer, Fore-street

Blake, James, Plumber, Brazier and Tinman, Fore-street

Brooking, Isaac, Carpenter and Joiner, Vict. "Town Hall Inn", Fore-street

Brooking, John, Shopkeeper, Tamar-street

Buckingham, Jane, Dress-maker, Fore-street

Buney, Caleb, Watch-maker, Turnpike-gate

Chubb, William, Accountant, Turnpike-gate

Cleverton, Frederick, W.P. Solicitor; Agent to Crown Life Assurance Office, Fore-street

Deacon, William, Blacksmith, Turnpike-gate

Deeble, Edward, Baker, Grocer, Carpenter, and Town Sergeant, Fore-street

Drew, Lydia, Vict. "Green Dragon Hotel", and Posting-house

Evil, William, Shopkeeper, Tamar-street

Foster, George, Boat-builder, Sand-quays

Foster, Robert Dannett, Chemise, Druggist, and Tea-dealer, Fore-street

Gilbert, Thomasine, Milliner and Straw-bonnet-maker, Fore-street

Goodman, Ann, Shop-keeper, Tamar-street

Goodman, Henry, Grocer and Tea-dealer, Fore-street

Haly, Nicholas, Boarding-school, Fore-street

Harry, Richard, Gardener, Turnpike-gate

Harvie, James, Brewer and Malster, Vict. "Passage House Inn", and Post Horse-letter, Strand

Harvey, John E. Plasterer, Fore-street

Hawke, William, Tailor and Mercer, Fore-street

Hooper, Sarah, Shopkeeper, Fore-street

Hugh, Whiddon, Boot and Shoemaker, Fore-street

Jeffery, John, Boot and Shoemaker, Fore-street

Keast, Ferdinand, Tailor and Town Sergeant, Tamar-house

Keen, John, Mason and Builder, Fore-street

Kitt, Jane, Dress-maker, Fore-street

Kitt, Sarah, Dress-maker, Fore-street

Lander, Edward, Boot and Shoemaker, Fore-street

Littleton, Nicholas, Surgeon, Chapel-yard 

Lucas, Jane, School, Middle-street

Luce, Peggy, Dress-maker, Near Turnpike-gate

Martyn, John, Linen and Woollen-draper, Fore-street

Martyn, Richard, Malster and Farmer, Fore-street

Olney, Hervey Allen, Solicitor, Fore-street

Pearn, John, Shopkeeper, Tamar-street

Peters, Ambrose, Tailor, Mercer, and Linen-draper, Fore-street

Pomeroy, Mary, Shopkeeper, Fore-street

Pool, George, Vict. "Fountain Inn", Fore-street

Porter, William Spicer, Relieving Officer, Fore-street

Richards, Roger, Baker, Fore-street

Rundle, Honor, Grocer, Fore-street

Rundle, William, Ironmonger, Bookseller and Stationer Fore-street

Salt, Philip, Coal Merchant and Ship-owner, Sand Quays

Speare, Elizabeth, Haberdasher, Tamar-street

Symons, Mary, Ladies Boarding-school, Fore-street

Tapper, Mary, Straw-bonnet-maker, Fore-street

Tasker, Argent, Shopkeeper, Fore-street

Taylor, John, Carpenter and builder, Near the Turnpike-gate

Taylor, William, Baker and Grocer, Tamar-street

Toms, William, Vict. "New Inn", Fore-street

Tremeer, Joseph, T. Vict. "Wheat Sheaf Inn" and Carpenter and Joiner, Quay

Tucker, J.S. Barrister, TrematonCastle

Vosper, John, Butcher, Tamar-street

Webb, Edmund, Brewer and Maltster, Fore-street

Westcott,   C.A. Grocer, Tea-dealer, and Linene and Woollen Draper, Fore-street

Westcott, Nicholas, Bennett, Shipbuilder, Tamar-street

Willcocks, George, Baker, Fore-street

Willcocks, Richard, Vict. "Union Inn",

Beach, Williams, John, Boot and Shoemaker, Fore-street

Williams, John, Carpenter and Builder, Fore-street

Wills, Jane, Straw-Bonnet-maker, Fore-street

Wills, John, Blight, Saddle and Harness-maker, Fore-street


Accountant. -                                       Chubb, William, Turnpike-gate

Bakers. -                                              Deeble, Edward, Fore-street

                                                             Richards, Roger, Fore-street

                                                             Taylor, William, Tamar-street

                                                             Willcocks, George, Fore-street

Barrister. -                                             Tucker, J. S. Trematon-castle

Beer-retailers. -                                     Andrews, Peter, Tamar-street

                                                              Billing, William, Fore-street

Blacksmith. -                                         Deacon, William, Turnpike-gate

Bookseller and Stationer. -                   Rundle, William, Fore-street

Boot and Shoemakers. -                      Gilbert, Thomas, Tamar-street

                                                             Hugh, Whiddon, Fore-street

                                                             Jeffery, John, Fore-street

                                                              Lander, Edward, Fore-street

                                                              William, John, Fore-street

Brewers. -                                              Harvie, James, Strand

                                                               Webb, Edward, Fore-street

Builders. -                                              Deeble, Edward, Fore-street

                                                              Keen, John, Fore-street

                                                              Meagre, James, Burington

Butchers. -                                             Barraball, John, MountCare

                                                               Barraball, Thomas, Fore-street

                                                               Vosper, John, Tamar-street

Carpenters and Joiners. -                      Brooking, Isaac, Fore-street

                                                               Deeble, Edward, Fore-street

                                                               Taylor, John, Turnpike-gate

                                                               Tremeer, Joseph T. Quay

                                                               Williams, John, Fore-street

Chemist and Druggist. -                          Foster, Robert D. Fore-street

Clock and Watchmaker. -                        Buney, Caleb, Turnpike-gate

Coal Merchant and Ship-owner. -           Salt, Philip, Sand Quays

Drapers, Linen and Woolen. -                Martyn, John, Fore-street

                                                               Peters, Ambrose, Fore-street

                                                               Westcott, C. A. Fore-street

Dress-makers. -                                      Buckingham, Jane, Fore-street

                                                               Gilbert, Thamasine, (Milliner), Fore-                                                                     street

                                                               Kitt, Jane, Fore-street

                                                                Kitt, Sarah, Fore-street

                                                                Luce, Peggy, Turnpike-gate              

Gardeners. -                                           Atwill, James, Fore-street

                                                                Harry, Richard, Turnpike

Grocers and Tea-dealers. -                    Goodman, Henry, Fore-street

                                                               Rundle, Honor, Fore-street

                                                                Westcott, Miss C. A. Fore-street

Hotels, Inns, and Public Houses. -         Brooking, Isaac, "Town-Hall Inn'",                                                                        Fore-street

                                                                Drew, Lydia, "Green Dragon Hotel,                                                                    and Commercial and Posting                                                                               House". Fore-street

                                                                Pool, George, "Fountain Inn", Fore-                                                                    street

                                                                Toms, William, "New Inn." Fore-street

                                                                Tremeer, Joseph T. "Wheat Sheaf                                                                       Inn," Quay

                                                                Willcocks, Richard, "Union Inn",                                                                          Beach

Ironmonger. -                                           Rundle, William, Fore-street

Maltsters. -                                              Harvie, James, Strand

                                                               Martyn, Richard, Fore-street

                                                                Webb, Edmund, Fore-street

Masons. -                                               Keen, John, Fore-street

                                                                Meagre, James, Burington

Plumber, Brazier, and Tinman. -              Blake, James, Fore-street

Saddle and Harness-maker. -                 Wills, John B. Fore-street

School Gents. -                                       Haly, Nicholas, Fore-street

School Ladies. -                                      Lucas, Jane, Middle-street

                                                                Symons, Mary, Fore-street

Ship and Boat-builders. -                        Foster, George, Boat, Sand Quays

                                                               Westcott, Nicholas Bennett, Tamar-                                                                    street

Shopkeepers. -                                       Brooking, Jon, Tamar-street

                                                                Evil, William, Tamar-street

                                                                Hooper, Sarah, Fore-street

                                                                Goodman, Ann, Tamar-street

                                                                Pearn, John, Tamar-street

                                                                Pomeroy, Mary, Fore-street

                                                               Tasker, Argent, Fore-street

Surgeons. -                                            Banks, Anthony, C., Fore-street

                                                               Littleton, Nicholas, Chapel-yard

                                                               Littleton, Nicholas H. Chapel-yard

Straw Bonnet-makers. -                         Gilbert, Thomasine, Fore-street

                                                                Sapper, Mary, Fore-street

                                                               Wills, Jane, Fore-street

Solicitors. -                                             Cleverton, Frederick, W. P. Fore-street

                                                               Olney, Henry Allen, Fore-street

Tailors and Mercers. -                            Hawke, William, Fore-street

                                                               Keast, Ferdinand, Tamar House

                                                               Peters, Ambrose, Fore-street 


Toby, Capt. Isaac, ………………………………              Mayor.

Symons, W. Esq.   ………………………                        Recorder.



Hutchinson, Lieut. William, R, N,

Hawkes, Rev. William

Herring, Major Edmund

Westcott, Nicholas Bennett

Rundle, William Tucker,

John Jarvis, Capt. R.N.      

Cleverton, William, ………………………………              Town Clerk.



Whitford, George  ………………     Post Master for Plymouth and North of England

Arrival ………………………        12 . 50 p.m.

Dispatch  ……………………         6 . 30 a.m.



Green Dragon Hotel - Drew, Lydia, Fore-street